The original initiative for 3D animation and video production as High Angle was conceived in 2017. High Angle has been involved in various aspects of digital media production such as, film, TV, corporate video production, 3D animation and visual effects.

   Inspired by an eye for detail and solid work ethics, we work closely with our clients to bring their ideas to life using modern techniques across the latest platforms. A philosophy of media exploration gives a strong visual value and appeal to the images we create.




Every project starts with us working closely with our clients to refine, plan and perfect the initial concept into a story worth telling. Every concept, story and script is the result of heartfelt collaboration to produce the best work for every client.


Aerial Photography

We take our craft seriously. Never afraid to try something new but doing so with genuine care and attention to assure quality in even the finest detail


VFX & Animation

Whether it’s creatively demonstrating the most complicated of topics or simply adding subtle movement to regular type, 3D animation is a limitless medium that allows us to add to and improve the way we tell stories


Post Production

We’re meticulous when it comes to crafting a story. The edit is where we lay the foundations of the project before shaping and sharpening to a finished film worth sharing. and some other words to test a theory etc


Cambridge & Bristol, UK




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